SEPARATION TECHNIQUES PVT. LTD., is an ISO 9001:2015 company having CE Certificationinvolved in manufacture and supply of quality and efficient separation equipment’s.

The overall expertise of the company for manufacturing and supply of Vibrating Screen dates back to the year 1996, with more than 17 years of presence in the competitive market, we have made our mark by supplying more than 6000 machines till date in the ever expanding market.

With a decent manufacturing facility at Rabale along with a team of professional technicians and support staff, SEPARATION TECHNIQUES PVT. LTD. has made a mark in the Indian market as well as markets in UK, Middle East, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, China, Nepal for its quality machines which are working round the clock with utmost ease, economy and efficiency.

SEPARATION TECHNIQUE PVT. LTD. has a range of Vibrating Screen (Circular Vibrating screens) models ranging from 24” dia to 96” dia available in single and multidecks in both M.S. and S.S. Contact parts to suit the screening requirement.

SEPARATION TECHNIQUES PVT. LTD. is well equipped to provide service to the end user as and when required. Prompt attention with a best solution to the customer’s requirements is the success key for the company’s product penetration into the ever expanding market.

One of the Largest Gyro Screen Manufacturer and Exporters in India. We offer Wide range of Vibrating Screens of best quality and good aftersales service

ISO Certified Gyro Screen Manufacturer India

CE Certified Gyro Screen Manufacturer India

Why Us

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Our Strengths

Best quality products derived from streamlined manufacturing practices, higest quality of raw materials used followed by stringent quality checks and abient working conditions for our team.
Gyro Screen Manufacturer

Our Reach

Formed in 1996, our products are shipped not only in India but also across the globe including Asia, Middle East, Africa and South America.

Our Clientele

Our Client list include the leading manufacturers from industries such as Chemicals, Tea, Spices, Food Processors etc.


SEPARATION TECHNIQUES PVT. LTD. has a well- equipped manufacturing facility located at Rabale, Navi Mumbai, Designed to handle production of about 400 to 500 machines of various models in a year.

A team of experienced personnel are involved in producing quality machines by putting in their best efforts to meet the customer requirement to their fullest satisfaction.

The shop floor is well equipped with Lathe Machines, Welding equipment, Calibrated Measuring and testing instruments to ensure that the components manufactured are error free.

Most of the components are kept ready to ensure speedy delivery of spares as well as Vibrating Screen to the customers.

Gyro Screen Manufacturer

Production & Testing

At the production stage, testing of components is an important activity. Only error free and compatible components enter the production zone so as to ensure that the final product “Vibrating Screen” is without any defect.

The critical component “Special Vibrating Motor” is manufactured in house and is our expertise. It is the heart of “Vibrating Screen” and as a system, gives an unmatched performance as compared to other vibrating screens.

Gyro Screen Manufacturer - Inhouse Production and Testing Center


SEPARATION TECHNIQUES PVT. LTD. is committed to deliver the “Vibrating Screen” on time as per the specifications.

Utmost care is taken during packing to ensure that the equipment reaches the destination in a safe and sound condition.

Gyro Screen Manufacturer India - Delivery all across India and Exports across the Globe

Quality Policy

“SEPARATION TECHNIQUES PVT. LTD. is committed to produce Quality product to the full satisfaction of the customer and shall strive to meet their changing needs by continually improving the effectiveness of Quality Management System by considering risk & opportunities.

SEPARATION TECHNIQUES PVT. LTD. shall train the employees to enhance their efficiency.

SEPARATION TECHNIQUES PVT. LTD. shall urge its suppliers to make similar commitment towards Quality improvement.

SEPARATION TECHNIQUES PVT. LTD. shall provide the necessary resources and support to fulfill these objectives.”

High Quality Gyro Screen Products India


CE Certified Gyro Screen Manufacturer India

CE Certified

ISO Certified Gyro Screen Manufacturer

ISO Certified